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How to choose your wedding photographer

Wedding photographs from a wedding at the Johnstown Estate in Enfield, County Meath

You have hundreds of wedding plans to make but deciding who will bring your memories to life is one of your most important. A wedding photographer is such an important part of your wedding day as they catch the best moments of your most precious occasion. And when the flurry and excitement of your wedding is over, it’s beautifully captured images will help you revisit the romance, emotion and spirit of an event that passes so quickly.

Choosing the right photographer can be somewhat challenging. We rounded up some of our top tips in finding your dream wedding photographer that will capture every detail on your big day. Someone who you and your partner will feel comfortable with. Let's get down to it!

Oonagh & Colin`s wedding at Johnstown Estate

1. Create a list

Sitting down with your partner, create a list or an action plan for your big day. This involves knowing your venue, what’s the best shots you can get out of the location. Sketch out your budget, how much are willing to spend on or investing in your wedding photos.

Wedding at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killayne, Co.Dublin

2. Styles

Every photographer has their own unique style, from how they capture the shots, to how they direct you to the actual finished product. You might already have a style in mind, if not do not worry. You can always get some inspiration from certain wedding websites or wedding photography social media accounts. When you and your partner have a style chosen that you both love it is time to start the search.

3. Research

You have the venue, know your budget and found the style you want, know it’s time to start researching wedding photographers. Whether it be local, a friend’s recommendation or just simply came across a website or social media platform that stopped you in your tracks. Take time to read reviews, look through portfolios and check out their about page to get some more personal information about your future wedding photographer.

Lyrath Estate Wedding

4. Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions even if you may think it's irrelevant, it's your day and if you want it to go smoothly you will want all the information you need. Many photographers do not have pricing up on their website, so please do not hesitate to contact them and get a draft price. Then you can roughly decide what suits your budget requirements. Question how many images you will receive, many do certain packages so you can choose which suits you best. Ask how they like to work, they may have an indication of what shots they would like to get first or where they would like to take the most photos. How much time they need for each slot so you can plan around your wedding day.

Untitled photo

5. Meet your photographer

Ideally you would like to meet either in person or virtually to get a feel for your photographer and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. It is a good Idea to get to know them, get a good feel so you can be confident enough on the day and not have to worry about what you’re doing and where you’re going. A schedule will help you and your photographer know exactly what you want on a time frame so everything can go exactly as planned.

Hope you will find these few tips helpful and If you would like to arrange a complimentary  consultation or just need some advice feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to help you in any way I can! 

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