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Michael Grubka Photography offers unique, vibrant and captivating children and family portraiture. 

The joys of child photography...

When I look into the face of a child, it’s like looking into the future. I often hear from parents that their child look older on the portrait than they really are. But the truth is that we are just unable to notice how quickly our children are changing. Seeing them every day makes us immune to those little metamorphoses that`s are happening before our eyes.

In my portraits, I always strive to capture the little personality that is starting to develop but that is not quite there yet, to capture the essence of that emerging character and potential.

And what makes photography of children so rewarding is their unconditional happiness, energy, and hunger for life, as well as their unfailing honesty; when children have not yet become self-conscious, they do not pretend, so there is nothing fake.

One of the key things I learn from my children is how to be patient. It is hard to get a child to pose but I quickly realize it really doesn't matter. Their natural posture in the moment has all the naturalness and grace that is needed for a great portrait. All that’s then required is for the photographer to apply all his or her professional knowhow and skills to create unique portraiture that will last generations.

Photo sessions for children and families are available either on-location or in my home studio.


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